Tava Tea boosted my confidence and helped with my mental health
Tava Tea boosted my confidence and helped with my mental health
25 December, 2018

Tava Tea boosted my confidence about my looks and helped my mental health by giving me a feeling of clarity!

I was always a chubby fellow, even when I look at the earlier photos of me that were taken when I was just a kid. In primary school, kids used to tease me about my weight, but I really didn`t care because I was just a kid.

However, when you are mocked on a daily basis, no matter how much you try not to care, sooner or later, you let the insults get to you. It was the same, or even worse, in secondary school.

There were not so many different names that kids used to call me, but instead, there was only one that managed to stick and I prefer not to mention it.

During those dreadful years, I had only one true friend and thus my social life was down to a bare minimum. I never went out and instead of experiencing all sorts of great things that teenagers were supposed to experience, I spent my time in front of the computer.

Fortunately, the good thing about spending so much time on the Internet is that you get the opportunity to learn about a lot of things. This is how I managed to try out literally hundreds of different weight loss products. Most of them were rubbish and did absolutely nothing to help me lose weight.

The only thing that was not only able to help me, but helped me a lot was Tava Tea. The reason I decided to try it out was that you didn`t really have to do much in order to get rid of the extra weight. This sounded great and I had no dilemma as to whether or not I should test the product.

At first, I didn`t pay that much attention to the things I was eating, but Tava Tea made it possible for me to maintain my weight. When I finally started eating better, I started losing weight really fast. Soon, people started noticing the change in my appearance and I started feeling more confident.

Now I look much better, some girls even find me attractive and I know this because I finally started going out and there were a couple of girls that actually approached me and asked me out.

I realize that my problem was not my weight, but my attitude towards the whole thing. Fortunately, Tava Tea helped me look better, and more importantly, it helped me boost my confidence.

Tava Tea really is all it`s cracked up to be
Tava Tea really is all it`s cracked up to be
03 December, 2018

When I had a baby, my life completely changed. Suddenly, it wasn`t all about me and I was hoping my Tava Tea was all it`s cracked up to be, because I had to take care of someone else, who was more important to me than anyone and anything.

Giving birth truly is a miracle, but I still remember just how painful it was. To tell you the truth, no matter how much I want another baby, I`m really having doubts about it because of the thought of what I would have to go through one more time.

However, as much as giving birth was painful, it was nothing in comparison to what I had to go through in order to get my old figure back. During the first couple of months after my baby was born, I didn`t really worry so much about how I looked.

But as soon as I started working again, my appearance was something that I thought about quite frequently. Determined to look more or less the same as I did before I had the baby, I went on a diet that, unfortunately, didn`t really work out that well.

I didn`t stop after just one diet either, I tried all sorts of them and although some of them helped me lose some weight, as soon as I stopped dieting, I bounced back really quickly.

I guess that because of my genetics, I`m simply prone to gaining weight more than other people and this is what made it almost impossible for me to get my old figure back.

The first time I heard about Tava Tea was when a friend of mine talked about how a friend of hers had managed to lose a lot of weight with the help of this product. Not being a fan of any kind of tea, I really hesitated before I tried it out.

However, having nothing to lose and in comparison to some of the other things advertised as amazing weight loss products, it seemed to me that this tea, if it really worked, was probably the easiest thing you can do.

And I was right. Soon after I started taking Tava Tea, I started losing weight. Of course, I didn`t have that much time to exercise and eat right, so the change in my weight was gradual and slow, but evident.

What I found best about the whole thing was that I changed almost nothing and managed to lose quite a few pounds. I hoped to lose even more weight and I was confident that I would manage to do so. Finally, I was on my way to becoming a sexy, attractive woman once again, and i really wasnt was not so long ago, all thanks to Tava Tea.

Amazing weight loss results with Tava Tea
Amazing weight loss results with Tava Tea
03 October, 2018

I have always dreamed about having a perfect, fit body, but I never actually thought that I would one day have it. My weight loss battles were all long, tiring and frustrating and what is even Amazing weight loss results with Tava Teaworse, they were not successful.

Most of them included strict diets and strenuous workouts and I never managed to follow them through. I used to give up very quickly and I always blamed myself for failing.

I can`t even remember the exact number of diets I tried, but what I do remember is that all of them were a complete waste of my time and energy. They made me feel frustrated and inadequate. What I didn`t realize back than was that the problem was not me, but all those unrealistic diet plans and all the expectations that go along with them.

In my case, things started going in the wrong direction right after I graduated when I started gaining weight. I started working immediately and did not have time to pay attention to anything, let alone my eating habits and exercising. My job was stressful, but unlike some people who manage to lose weight because of stress, I actually started gaining weight because I was simply eating more and more.

However, what is even worse than eating more and more is eating unhealthy foods, which was exactly what I did. I always hated the so called healthy foods and as far as I was concerned, the word healthy was synonymous with disgusting. And thus, I never even considered giving up junk food and replacing it with fruits, vegetables and some of the other things that people associate with a healthy life style.

In just over a year, I gained so much weight that I basically had nothing to wear. And I personally think that there is nothing worse than not being able to fit into your clothes. This has a tremendous effect on your self-esteem and it changes you, but not in a good way.

Of course, once I noticed that things would only get worse and worse unless I did something about it, I decided that I had to change something. So I started exercising and I started paying attention to my eating habits. Instead of eating out, I tried to prepare my own meals and I even started bringing my own lunch to work. I didn`t mind the extra work that came with cooking, but I really started hating everything when I noticed that I didn`t lose anything, not even a pound.

I mean, I wasn`t gaining weight, but I wasn`t losing any either. That was the moment I started experimenting with all sorts of diets, one after the other. And as I already mentioned, the diets were everything but efficient. They took a lot of my time and they made me miserable. I exercised from time to time, but there weren`t any results.Amazing weight loss results with Tava Tea

When I finally heard about Tava Tea, I have to say that I was doubtful. A tea that helped people lose weight? It seemed like a fairy tale, but since I was getting sick and tired of everything else, I decided to give it a try.

And together with my improved eating habits and occasional exercising, Tava Tea helped me lose not only a couple of pounds, but it helped me lose a significant amount of weight. I really regret doubting the efficiency of this amazing weight loss product because this is the only thing that worked for me.

Now I can fit into most of my old clothes and there is really no better feeling than that. I feel more confident about the way I look and I know that with this product, I no longer have to work too much on maintaining my weight.

Tava Tea does it for me.

Tava Tea will help you lose weight during tea time in no time
Tava Tea will help you lose weight during tea time in no time
27 December, 2016
I’ve been struggling with extra weight since I was 24. It’s amazing how unnoticed such things occur. I was never that slim in the first place to be honest, but things got out of hand once Tava Tea will help you lose weight during tea time in no time things got really busy at my workplace.

We started working on a new project and boss was pushing us because we were supposed to get everything done in 2 months. I was working both at the office and at home. I was very dedicated to the project and we were paid well so I wasn’t bothered by anything else.

Dedicating yourself to success at work is fine, but some other stuff I did not pay out. After work I would usually just relax at home watching the telly and eating lots of sugary thingies, I must have messed up my metabolism during that period or something.

Even when I was finished with the project I kept the same habits because I still had a lot to work on and soon enough I realized I gained much weight. I began to feel real bad about myself and had to do something radical to change things around.

Still, I didn’t have much time on my hands so I was aiming to get into something effective, a gym or something. Also, I quit consuming so much sugar. It was hard, but I was determined to get rid of this extra weight. To my delight, one of my colleagues at work suggested we get into exercise program at this gym her mate owns.

We agreed three times a week was quite enough. We didn’t have time to exercise more anyway.  After a couple of weeks I felt much better but the extra pounds were still there. What was most depressing was the fact my colleague was showing results so everybody at work thought I was on a terrible diet which was not pleasant at all.

I had a couple of days off last November so I used the time to do some research for the product that may help me get better results. Since I try to avoid unnatural products I was looking for something that would seamlessly fit into my normal day without interfering with my work or anything like that.

I stumbled upon this product called Tava Tea and I realized consuming tea is something I do on a daily basis, more than once. I read Tava Tea can produce fantastic results by blocking fat absorption and boosting metabolism so I thought I couldn’t do much wrong by ordering some.

After only two weeks of Tava Tea consumption I began to notice results. I lost more pounds than in the entire period prior to that. It was amazing, in a little over two months I was looking better than my colleague and she had little choice but to order Tava Tea herself. Now both of us look rather fit.

The great thing about Tava Tea is that you can allow yourself a break every once in a while when you can’t make it to the gym or eat more than you usually do. Of course, you shouldn’t make that a habit, but thanks to Tava Tea keeping a fit body is a much easier experience.

I recommended it to some other people at work and nobody has ever complained, they love it because it tastes pretty good as well.

What are the ingredients in Tava Tea?
What are the ingredients in Tava Tea?
25 December, 2018

It would be a huge mistake not to describe all of the ingredients that go into making Tava Tea, as it is these ingredients that make this tea such a powerful aid in losing weight.

So What are the ingredients in Tava Tea promoting one’s health?. In this article, we will give you a short description of all three main ingredients in Tava Tea and a short description of what they will do for you.

The first of the three ingredients in Tava Tea is oolong tea of the wuji cliff variety. This is the highest quality oolong tea and it is one of the most beneficial types of tea in the world, if not THE most beneficial.

This type of tea is grown traditionally in China and over the last few decades there have been numerous studies done into determining all the benefits of this tea.

Among other benefits, oolong tea has been found to speed up the metabolism and thus burn calories. Also, it is packed full of powerful antioxidants that boost your immune system and make you mush less susceptible to different illnesses.

What are the ingredients in Tava Tea?

Puerh tea is the second one of the teas in Tava Tea and the type that is used in this amazing tea is the best puerh tea that you can find. It has been scientifically proven that drinking puerh tea lowers the levels of “bad” cholesterol and prevents many cardiovascular diseases. In addition to this, puerh reduces the absorption of fats form the diet, further helping in losing weight.

Sencha is the third and the final tea found in Tava Tea and it is a tea hailing from Japan. Sencha tea that you get in Tava Tea has been grown and processed in Japan where it has undergone a traditional and very careful processing (as do the other two teas) that ensures that all of the beneficial properties of the tea are retained.

Sencha tea is one of the most powerful antioxidants that you can find in nature and it works on a cellular level in order to promote your health and boost your immune system.

This will significantly lower the chances of developing different types of disease affecting different parts of your body. Sencha tea is also very successful in lowering blood pressure and clearing out any arterial blockage.

How to prepare Tava Tea?
How to prepare Tava Tea?
19 September, 2018

In this article we are going to explain how you should prepare Tava Tea in order to achieve the best results with it, but also how to get the best taste that will have you craving for more of this wonderful tea.

Consider this something of an instructional article. Just as you would learn about how to take a particular pill or a tablet in order to achieve the best results, that is how you are going to learn how to prepare that perfect cup of Tava Tea.

The most important thing to remember is that you do not simply pour some boiling water over your Tava Tea and start drinking. It takes a tad more effort and care than that. Do not worry, it is not like you have to spilt the atom, but if you want the absolutely best results, keep in mind the following.

The crucial thing to do is to avoid using boiling water. This is the most important to remember as the water which is boiling is going to destroy most of the beneficial and helpful nutrients in Tava Tea, as well as much of the antioxidants.

Instead, you should use water that is simply hot. You simply pour the hot water over one bag of your Tava Tea and wait for two or three minutes before you remove the Tava Tea bag. You should hold on to the bag as you can use it for the second time, only this time, you need to leave it for 5 minutes before you remove it.

How to prepare Tava Tea?Another important mention, especially for the people in the UK is that you do NOT pour milk in your Tava Tea. It is quite possible that you consider milk the essential part of drinking tea, but with Tava Tea, you should avoid this.

The reason for this is that milk is known to neutralize much of the weight-loss properties of this tea, thus rendering it much less potent. You can put lemon and sugar (or any sweetener that you may use).

The best time to drink Tava Tea is just before the meal as it will give you that metabolic boost just when it is more needed. This will produce the best results when drinking Tava Tea. Do remember that there is some caffeine in Tava Tea and that because of this you should avoid drinking it late in the evening or before going to bed.

How is Tava tea grown and processed into your cup
How is Tava tea grown and processed into your cup
05 June, 2018

As we have said before, it is our wish to make this website into a source of information on everything that has to do with Tava Tea. And there is no way that a blogsite like this would be How is Tava Tea made?complete without covering the production process of Tava Tea.

The reason why this is so important is that the production process perfectly reflects the level of professionalism and special care that goes into making Tava Tea the ultimate tea on the market, the tea that will replace all other teas for you if you give it a try.

The production of Tava Tea does not tolerate any cutting of corners. All of the ingredients in the tea, the oolong tea, sencha tea and puerh tea have to be of the highest quality possible, grown, collected and treated in the traditional way that preserves all of the essential qualities of these different teas.

Oolong tea that is included in Tava Tea comes straight from China where it is made according to all the traditional ways of cultivating it. It has to be noted that there are many types of oolong tea and that Tava Tea contains only the highest quality Wu Long variety of oolong tea, the variety that is by far the superior of them all.

It is particularly difficult to cultivate this type of oolong tea because the leaves have to remain intact all the way through processing. It is crucial to prevent the cells in the leaves from breaking, thus keeping all the beneficial properties of the tea.

Sencha tea that you get in Tava Tea is grown and processed in Japan where it has been one of the most popular teas for centuries. The sencha tea that is found in Tava Tea is not roasted like it is in majority of other teas, but steamed, which preserves the essential nutrients that are responsible for the amazing qualities of this tea.

Yunnan province in China is the place from where the puerh tea in Tava Tea comes from. This tea requires a particular process of post-fermentation which is extremely sensitive and has to be done with exceptional care. The leaves are firstly picked very carefully so that they do not get damaged.

After that, they are left in the sun so that they are naturally dried. They are then lightly heated which leads to the post-fermentation process which prevents oxidation and How is Tava Tea made?ensures that the beneficial properties of the tea are preserved. It has to be noted that the puerh tea found in Tava Tea is of the highest quality possible, as are the other teas.

As you can conclude for yourself, Tava Tea is simply the most carefully prepared tea combination available today and it is the high quality manufacturing process and the high quality ingredients that make this tea such a beneficial drink that is going to help you lose weight and that will also promote your overall health.

How does Tava Tea work at loosing weight off people and other health benefites
How does Tava Tea work at loosing weight off people and other health benefites
27 May, 2011

We have envisioned this website to become the place where people (not only form UK) will come and find out everything they wish to know about Tava Tea, the most exciting tea ever to hit the market.

In this particular article, we are going to say a few things about how this tea works and who it is capable of producing such amazing results. It is a well known fact that it is slowly becoming the most popular tea in the world (and hopefully in the UK) and here, you will learn why this is.

One of the most important things to know if you wish to know how Tava Tea works is to be aware of the fact that Tava Tea is not yet another variety of tea, but a powerful combination of three different teas.

These teas include two of the most popular teas from China, puerh and oolong tea, as well as the most popular tea from Japan, sencha tea, which is a particular variety of green tea. The different benefits of drinking Tava Tea come from the special ways in which these three teas work.

For instance, take sencha tea as an example. This tea has been used in Japan for centuries and it is as of recently started spreading around the world. Sencha is well known for its ability to destroy the free radicals and thus promoting health on a cellular level.

In addition to his, it helps the body ward off different diseases, including heart diseases, digestive diseases as well as cancer. Sencha also lowers the probability of arterial blockage and it can lower the blood pressure. This is all made possible thanks to high levels of catechin found in the tea which is one of the most powerful antioxidants in the world.

The second tea, the oolong tea is included in Tava Tea due to its ability to speed up the metabolic rate, thus causing thermogenesis which in turn burns fats. IN addition to this, oolong tea can boost your immune system, strengthen your teeth and even promote the health of your skin.

Puerh is the third tea and it has been use for millennia in Chinese traditional medicine as the means to lower cholesterol levels. It can also prevent the absorption of fats from the food, especially if you have eaten fatty foods. However, it is its cholesterol lowering properties that How does Tava Tea work?make it a particularly healthy tea.

When all of these effects of three different teas are combined, Tava Tea can really do wonders for people who wish to lose weight. However, it has to be said that it is not a magical drink and that you will not lose weight by drinking Tava Tea and sitting in front of the TV the whole time. You need to exercise and eat healthy and if you do this, Tava Tea will help you lose weight much faster and more efficiently than ever before.

What can you expect to gain or loose by drinking Tava Tea
What can you expect to gain or loose by drinking Tava Tea
17 July, 2015

The modern world is obsessed with two things. It is obsessed with looking good and it is obsessed with losing weight. To get one thing clear, there is What can you expect from Tava Tea?nothing wrong with losing weight. Extra weight can lead to many health issues, such as hypertension or type 2 diabetes.

That is why weight loss efforts need to be encouraged and that is why products such as Tava Tea are so important. On the other hand, this obsession with physical appearance is something that is not entirely great. Sure, it often involves healthy lifestyle which is good, but it can sometimes grow into obsession that is unhealthy. With Tava Tea, you can achieve amazing look without having to sacrifice your health (and sanity).

Tava Tea is the ultimate combination of teas such as Puerh tea, sencha tea, as well as oolong tea. If you know something about teas and about amazing natural products, then you are already familiar with these three teas that hail from the Far East.

However, in Tava Tea, they have finally been combined into the ultimate tea that is going to do great things for you. The superior quality of the teas included in Tava Tea ensures that you will feel all the benefits of all its ingredients individually, coming together for exciting and amazing results.

There are numerous benefits that you can expect from Tava Tea and one of the major ones is losing weight. In fact, the reason why Tava Tea has become so popular and why it has been both on the UK and the world market for so long is that it has shown staggering results in aiding people with their weight loss regimens.

First of all, once you start drinking Tava Tea, you can expect your metabolism to speed up significantly, thus leading to a process known as thermogenesis in which the working temperature of your body rises. This does not mean that you will get temperature and that you will feel ill, but it means that your body is going to lose more energy and thus burn fats more successfully.

Furthermore, Tava Tea is known for its ability to regulate glucose levels, especially after meals. When drunk prior to meals, it prevents the glucose spikes which have been proven to contribute to the amount of fats your body stores.

In addition to the aforementioned, with Tava Tea, the fat absorption that happens as a part of your digestive process is going to be significantly diminished. What this means is that your body will absorb less fats from the different foods you eat, thus aiding in the weight loss.

Finally, Tava Tea is also going to suppress your appetite which will make it much easier to keep a healthy diet and limit your calorie intake.What can you expect from Tava Tea?

Besides these weight loss benefits of Tava Tea, you can also expect your overall health to improve due to the antioxidant properties of Tava Tea. This will result in the improvement of your immune system, as well as enhancement of all the processes in your body, like for example your digestion.

As you can see, there is a lot to be expected from Tava Tea and the absolutely best thing about it is that you get what you expect

What is Tava Tea
What is Tava Tea
14 December, 2014

As you probably already guessed by yourself, Tava Tea is in fact a tea. However, it is not any ordinary tea, but a tea which has numerous benefits for your health and especially for controlling weight. Namely, it is without the doubt the most beneficial tea if you wish to lose weight and it even What is Tava Tea?ranks among the best weight loss products in general. Tava Tea is made from three different types of tea, all of which contribute to weight loss and promotion of your health.

Losing weight is as difficult as it is important. It is a well known fact that obesity is the plague of the modern age. It is a scientific fact that obesity is the primary cause of premature death in the world and there are a few reasons for this. For one, obese people suffer from reduced quality of life in general. However, what is more important, obesity greatly increases the chances of high blood pressure, osteoporosis, type 2 diabetes and high levels of cholesterol in the blood. All of these are extremely dangerous as they often lead to cardiovascular diseases and events such as congestive heart failure, strokes and heart attacks, among other.

It also must not be failed to mention that obesity and being overweight puts a great psychological pressure on the individual. Obesity is often associated with low self esteem, a bad picture of oneself and in certain cases; it can lead to more serious mood disorders such as anxiety or depression. It is because of all this that weight loss has become one of the burning points of the modern way of life which has significantly contributed to the epidemic of obesity.

It is no secret that losing weight can be difficult. There are people who cannot lose weight no matter what they do and how they behave. Weight loss regimens can be extremely difficult and it can take a huge toll on one’s psyche as well as on their health. And this is where Tava Tea comes in as a weight loss product that can do a great deal of good for people who wish to lose weight. In fact, this has lead to Tava Tea being recommended and praised by many celebrities, among which are Oprah and Courtney Cox for example.

The reason why Tava Tea is so successful in aiding a weight loss programme is that it combines three of the most beneficial types of tea available today, oolong tea, sencha tea and Puerh tea. In a combination these three teas bring about numerous benefits and effects that will significantly speed up the weight loss process. For instance, Tava Tea will speed up your metabolism for up to 4%, which will significantly contribute to the amount of weight you lose. In addition to this, Tava Tea will block the absorption of fats form the diet, thus reducing the amount of calories you intake with your food. Furthermore, Tava Tea will regulate the levels of glucose in your system, further aiding in weight loss. Finally, it has also been shown that Tava Tea can suppress appetite and make it much easier to diet.

What is Tava Tea?However, this is not all. Tava Tea also boosts your immune system and makes it easier for your body to fight off disease and illness. It is also a strong antioxidant and it contains numerous vitamins and minerals that are essential for the proper functioning of your body.

Another great characteristic of Tava Tea is that it is perfectly natural and that it is in perfect balance with the natural functioning of your body. This means that you will not need to worry about any side effects that often come with the use of weight loss products. Also, you can rest assured that all of the ingredients in Tava Tea are of the highest quality possible and that you will not get the same effects with any other tea or natural supplement.

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